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Name 8lock8
Type Crypto-Ransomware
Encryption AES-256
Short Description This ransomware encrypts the victim files and append the extension .8lock8.This ransomware was available on both English and Russian.
Symptoms Some files become inaccessible, the extension of the encrypted files will be changed.
Distribution Method Spam Email attachement,fake Url’s.
Image  8lock8
More Details

This ransomware is similar to hidden tear , this ransomware is a open source threat. This infiltrates the victim’s device through spam mail, Fake url’s. Once this ransomware enters the victim device it starts to scan the device completely, this ransomware does not encrypt all the files that are present in the victim device instead it targets only specific files with specific extension. Some of the files that this ransomware targets are as given below.

8lock8 1.1

This ransomware uses asymmetric encryption type. The algorithm used for encryption is AES-256. Once the files are encrypted the extension of those files are changed into .8lock8. this ransomware also drops a ransom note in the directories wherever the files are encrypted. This ransom note will have the instruction for retrieving back the encrypted files.

The ransom note will contain the following message

8lock8 1.2

There are decryptor’s available for this ransomware. You can find the decryptor for this ransomware in our decryptor page section.