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Alpha Crypt ransomware



Encryption Type


Short Description

new version of Tesla crypt,


Sensitive files from victims system becomes inaccessible

Distribution Method

spam mail, angler exploit kit


Alpha Crypt ransomware

More Details

Alpha is said to be the new version of Tesla crypt ransomware, this spreads through spam mails. Once it compromise the victims computer this scans the system completely and locks the important files of the victim and demands the ransom this Is same as other crypto ransomware. But unfortunately there is only a little chance for the victim to get back his files even after paying the ransom. This ransomware demands 500$ from the victim and the payment can be done only through the bitcoins.

These are the files that are focused by the alpha crypt ransomware

Alpha Crypt ransomware1.1

The main different between this and teslacrypt is that there are some improvements made like deleting the VSS to make sure that the victim cannot be saved by shadow volume.

Alpha Crypt ransomware1.2

From this we can easily figure out that it opens the command prompt and deletes the shadow volume from the victim computer in order to make his state worse , leaving no other go than to pay the ransom.

How to protect yourself from alpha ransomware.?

The uplifting news is that there are things you can do to bring down the danger of an assault from Alpha Crypt. Because of the way most payment Trojans are spread, the greatest preemptive strike you can make is to never open messages in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea about the sender. Opened one by mix-up? Whatever you do, don't tap on any connections or open any connections. The same goes for visit messages sent from obscure sources. You ought to likewise be vigilant notwithstanding when you do know the sender before opening records or connections as you never know whether your contact has been hacked. At last: a legitimate antimalware – introduce one NOW in the event that you haven't as of now!