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WannaCry Ransomware Hoax Messages

Please do not be frightened by the spreading of WannaCry.

Following are hoax messages circulated regarding WannaCry Ransomware.

1.    RBI orders Shutdown of ATMs until they are patched and safe.
2.    ATM 's will be close for next 2-3 days probably, due to ransomware cyber-attack within India.
3.    Don't open any shopping carts today.
4.    Don't do any online transactions today.
5.    Please inform all contacts from your list not to open a video called the "Dance of the Hillary". It is a virus that formats your mobile. Beware it is very dangerous. They announced it today on BBC radio. Fwd this msg to as many as you can!
6.    WannaCry spreading via WhatsApp.
7.    Power off smart TVs, tablets, and every other smart device.

There are simple steps you need to take to protect yourself against WannaCry Ransomware.

  • Steer clear of suspicious emails, websites, and software
  • Backup your computer
  • Update all operating system software
  • Install antivirus software and ensure it is always kept up to date
  • Don't pay -Paying ransomware does not guarantee its removal from your computer or the safe return of your files.


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