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Name CryptoTOR Locker
Type Crypto
Encryption Type XOR,RSA-2048
Short Description This works similar to CTb locker and Trojan.ransomlock .

The damages caused by Crypto2015 are:

This breaks into PC without any notification

This brings many other destructive pc threats , it puts sensitive data into danger

Distribution Method Fake downloads and spam emails.’
Image  CryptoTOR Locker1
More Details

CryptoTorLocker2015 is considered as an exceptionally poisonous infection made by digital attackers. This payoff infection may come packaged with Trojan stallions, malware and hacked sites. It is accounted for that this infection can escape from Antivirus recognition. On the off chance that you need to maintain a strategic distance from this infection, you should redesign your security projects to the most recent variant in time. Once your machine is contaminated by CryptoTorLocker2015, it will experience the ill effects of loathsome devastations. When you surf on the web, this payment infection will abruptly bolt your web program. Despite the fact that you have a go at ending its procedure by Task Manager, you can't take care of this issue.

More awful still, CryptoTorLocker2015 locks your PC in order to keep you from entering protected mode and evacuating it. For this situation, this payoff infection will demonstrate to you a fake message saying that it bolts your imperative records, photographs and reports with the point of ensuring your protection. On the off chance that you need to open these assets, you should pay 100 dollars to get a private key. Truth be told, this is trap. Your encoded documents won't be opened after you give the cash. Thus, you ought to be cautious when you experience CryptoTorLocker2015 infection.

The source of this ransomware is still a myth once it enters the victims computer it scans everything in the victim’s computer but it does not encrypt all the files instead it target some specific files that are important and it encrypts them.Once the files are encrypted the user is given a READ ME.txt file and that also pops up as shown below

CryptoTOR Locker 1