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Cryptographic Locker


Crypto Ransomware

Encryption Type


Short Description

This scans the victim’s device completely and encrypts the targeted sensitive files.


This is a Crypto type ransomware , this is one of the cheaper ransomware this demands only a less amount of money. This ransomware encrypts the victim’s sensitive files and demands the ransom. The initial cost of this ransomware is approximately $100 USD.

Distribution Method

Via OS drive-by-downloads, fake exploit kits, fake downloads .


Cryptographic Locker1.1

More Details

This ransomware infiltrates the victim’s device through the means that are mentioned above. Once it successfully infiltrates this ransomware scans the victims device completely and searches for the targeted files which it is programmed. Once the scanning process is completed it starts to encrypt the files. This ransomware affects all version of windows. Once the files are encrypted this changes the desktop background of the victim and also place a Readme.txt file in which the process for decryption are given. The encrypted files are allocated with a .CLF extension. This works as same as other crypto ransomware only there is a change in the name and the demand of ransom is reduced in this type of ransomware.