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Ransomware Detection tool - scans users machines for existing Ransomware infection.

This Paramount Ransomware Detection Tool scans for 385+ Ransomware types. Click Here to view the list of ransomware types this tool scan. An efficient tool that helps pro active users to check for infection (possibly at early stage) and stay away from Ransomware threats before it encrypts. The tools identifies the presence of Ransomware threats that are in the form of binary files.

How is PRDT different from Anti-virus software?

The intention is not compete with Antivirus but to compliment them. Our detection tool will be light weight and will neither reside in memory, nor it will run in background.

By using our software, you can scan the entire drive(s) and find out if you or someone have accidentally downloaded or installed or copied a ransomware.

However we suggest users to take regular back-ups of files and drives to stay away from the Ransomware menace. It is a simple tool to download install and scan for threats. Download Ransomware Detection Tool  here.

Note: Please check for regualr updates from within the tool, as our research and analysis team is regularly releasing updates for newer variants. Also, download Decryption Tool for Jigsaw Ransomware.




How to scan:


Ransomware Detector tool - Select DirectoryFig 1 : Select Directory


Ransomware Detector tool - Scan CompleteFig 2 : Scan Complete

Ransomware Detector tool - Report SectionFig 3 : Report Section