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JobCrypter Ransomware


Crypto Locker

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Short Description

The JobCrypter Ransomware is an encryption Ransomware Trojan

that is used to target computer users in France.


The victim’s documents, images and videos not larger than 20 megabytes are encrypted.

Distribution Method

Via spam email attachments containing ZIP files.


JobCrypter Ransomware

More Details

The JobCrypter Ransomware is an encryption ransomware Trojan that is utilized to target PC clients in France. Encryption ransomware Trojans like the JobCrypter Ransomware are intended to scramble the Victim's documents, and after that demands the installment of a payoff to give the decryption key. Basically, the JobCrypter Ransomware takes the victtim's documents. The JobCrypter Ransomware annexes the expansion LOCKED to every record the JobCrypter Ransomware scrambles. This makes the scrambled records simple to recognize. The JobCrypter Ransomware drops TXT documents on the victim's PC with data about the payoff gateways. In the event that the PC clients don't pay the JobCrypter Ransomware pay-off, the influenced documents can't be recuperated.

 JobCrypter Ransomware1.1

This ransomware demands a ransom of 300 Euros . The mode of payment is through PaySafeCard. This method of payment is exitint now a days. The working of this is very similar to crypto wall and Tesla.

The ransom note for this ransomware is on French language and it is as given below.


Some of the targeted files by this ransomware are as given below

JobCrypter Ransomware1.2

The encryption process will take more than 20 minutes and this encryption will occur only when the device is connected with the internet. This adds .locked extension after each encrypted file .