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Name Koler Android Worm
Type Locky Ransomware
Encryption Type Blocks smart phone
Short Description This ransomware blackmails the victim by infecting their phones and blocks the screen with a fake law notification and panics the victim , also it demands the victim to pay a certain amount inorder to unlock their phone.

The lock screen of the device will be locked showing a fake message and asking to pay certain amount to be paid to unlock the phone.

Distribution Method

Text message spam.

Image  Koler Android Worm
More Details

This ransomware is said to be spread through fake text messages, once the victim clicks on the link ther will be redirected to a drop box page that offers the victim to download a photoviewer app. Once this app gets installed , it will block the victim screen with a fake FBI page, Which will state that the device was blocked because it was used for viewing illegeal contens and zpoophilia. Then the victim has another option which will be as “wave the accusation” which is for unlocking the device by paying the fine using a Money Pak Voucher

The device will be looking like that it is completely locked out with the screen being blocked so the victim will not be able to close the window , or deactivate the malware through the app managers. With no other go the victim is forced to buy the voucher as instructed on the page.