November 25, 2016

Scammers have hijacked the name of internet giant in an email designed to spread ransomware, also known as hostage virus.

If such a virus enters your system, it will deny access to your personal documents. These files will only be unlocked after a ransom has been paid.

Although Amazon is one of the largest web shops in the world, its presence in the Dutch consumer market remains limited. For this reason, software giant Microsoft has issued a specific alert about this email scam. It comes as many many people gear up to go on an online shopping spree ahead of the festive season. Microsoft is hoping to prevent criminals spoiling all the fun.

Many people in the Netherlands have received the email and quite a few have forwarded it to Fraud Help Desk. Here’s an example:
24 11 2016

The message carries the bizarre subject line: ‘Your order has dispatched’. The danger is in the attachment, which contains the malicious software.

Our advice

Delete this email right away if you haven’t place any order with Amazon. If you have, please be vigilant and make sure you don’t open any attachments.

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