November 16, 2016

Malware researchers have managed to discover the unlock password for a screenlocker type of virus, known as MagicLocker. The malware is believed to be replicating primarily via several different methods, such as spam e-mails and fake game patches. After attack it locks the screen of the victims displaying a screen of a Guy Fawks mask and a threatening message that deletes a random file on the computer if you enter a wrong password. Anyone who has been attacked by this virus should read this article to learn how to unlock his screen and successfully be able to remove MagicMinecraft Lockscreen ransomware from the infected computer.

How Does MagicMinecraft Infect

According to latest data, the distribution of MagicMinecraft ransomware is not limited only to one method. Besides possibly being sent via spammed spam e-mails in which a malicious attachment is disguised as a legitimate file. Another replication techniques may feature the concealing of the application as a game crack or a key generator uploaded on a torrent on a suspicious website.

If the user opens the malicious file, the MagicMinecraft virus begins to download the malicious payload on key Windows folders and execute the downloaded malicious files automatically. The primary targeted folder is %AppData% but the virus may target other folders to download it’s payload on as well, such as:


What Happens After You Become Ifected by Minecraft Locker

After an infection, the malware begins to heavily modify the Windows Registry Editor and may attach the Windows registry keys of:

  • The ScreenSaver. (The Desktop key)
  • The automatic start on Windows boot (Run and Run once keys)
  • The keys responsible for the Windows logon screen.

After having replaced the information in those keys with a custom data to run a malicious executable that locks the screen on Windows boot, the malware may restart the computer of the victim or may immediately display the Screenlock message, which looks similar to the picture below:

This locked screen cannot be bypassed easily as it may exist even In safe mode and the user’s only option seems to be either to pay or to extract the files from the hard drive to another computer using a SATA connector cable. Luckily, malware researchers have cracked this malware and managed to find the unlock password for Minecraft Locker.

Unlock Your Screen and Fully Remove Minecraft Locker Ransomware
First, it is important to unlock your screen so you can perform the removal operation successfully. To do this, type the following password in the “Password” field of the locked screen of Minecraft Locker:
Minecraft locker

After this, your screen should be unlocked and you need to act fast to remove this ransomware virus. To make it easier, we have created the removal instructions below that will help you to manually or automatically delete MagicMinecraft from your computer. Since this virus creates multiple registry objects which you will have to look for and delete one by one, it is recommended to use an anti-malware program which will automatically find them and delete them.

After this has been performed, it is strongly recommended to check if any of your files have been deleted and if so, we advise using data recovery software. We have suggested some data recovery programs below, from which you can try if the ransomware deleted your files:
magic lockManually delete MagicMinecraft from your computer
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