OCTOBER 3, 2016

new cerber4 ransomware remove sensorstechforum com 2016
Cerber ransomware virus has appeared out into the wild in a new variant using a README.hta file, according to malware researcher Michael Gillespie. What differs in this version of Cerber is that it drops a the .hta file with completely new ransom demands and encrypts the files of infected computers with random file extensions with 4 alpha numerical characters, for example .a123 or .y2k2. Since there have already been three versions of the notorious ransomware virus plus it’s massive affiliate campaign is running wild all over the world, this is a strong indicator that the developers of the virus may have created a completely new version or heavily modified the older Cerber ransomware. The Cerber virus’ purpose is to extort infected users to make a ransom payoff ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 BTC by following the instructions in the readme file. Anyone who has been affected by this or any other versions of the virus should not pay any type of ransom since malware researchers are constantly on the lookout for a free decryption solution. Instead, we advise you to back up your files, remove this ransomware and try several alternative methods to revert your files by following the instructions below.


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