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Ransomware is one of the biggest threats that companies face and it can have severe consequences if important files are corrupted or lost.

Endpoint security specialist SentinelOne is underlining its confidence in its product by launching a threat protection guarantee to provide customers with financial protection in the event of ransomware attacks on their networks.

SentinelOne's cyber threat protection guarantee program provides its customers with financial support of $1,000 per endpoint, or up to $1 million per company, securing them against the financial implications of a ransomware attack, if the company suffers an attack and SentinelOne is unable to block or remediate the effects.

"Companies have relied upon outdated technologies like antivirus for too long, focusing their security strategy on what they already know rather than what's lurking in the shadows," says Tomer Weingarten, co-founder and CEO of SentinelOne. "Our purpose is to protect companies from the worst, by providing both the tools needed to find and mitigate threats in an ever-evolving threat landscape as well as financial security for the worst case scenario".

Going beyond legacy methods that rely on static, signature-based detection, SentinelOne's machine learning technology is able to detect malicious code through the behaviors it displays on execution, allowing attacks to be rooted out even if the system is encountering an entirely new malware variant. It can also stop insider-based attacks that increasingly use stealthy, script-based languages to remain hidden from antivirus software.

"We think it’s a possibility we’ll have to pay out, there's no product that's completely bullet proof," adds Weingarten, "But we've run our statistics, we know what our product can do. In the event that someone does get infected our product has a capability that allows you to remediate and roll back changes. In the event that an infection occurs and it can't be rolled back then we’ll pay out".

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