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Pc Cyborg( United States).

Author& Origin

Dr. Joseph Popp


Crypto Ransomware

Encryption Type

Symmetric cryptography

Short Description

This ransomware was sent to 20,000 infected diskettes which was labelled as “AIDS Information – Introductory Diskettes”. This used very simple symmetric cryptography.



Distribution Method

Through DISK known as AIDS information Introductory Diskette



More Details

This ransomware replaces the AUTOEXEC.Bat file which was used to count the no of times the system was rebooted. Once it reaches the count of 90, this hides all directories and then encrypts the name of all files that are on the files on drive. Once the files are encrypted the victim is asked to pay the ransom by sending it through post office box in panama.

There are more than one version of AIDS, another version does not wait till 90 boots instead it works once the first boot after AIDS gets installed.