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Name Porndroid
Type Locker Ransomware
Encryption Type Locks smart phone
Short Description This ransomware spreads through fake app , this is mainly seen in US . once this gets installed on the device this downloads a file known as LockerPin. This resets the screen lock pin and then locks out the user.
Symptoms The victim will not be able to his system until he pays the ransom , the device will be locked out.
Distribution Method

Customizing emails and social media messages

Fake pornography app.

Image  Porndroid
More Details

Once this ransomware gets downloaded it downloads another files known as LockerPin. Then the victim is locked out from the device and the pin number of the user is also changed which makes the victim device unusable and then it demands the ransom. It is said that even if the ransom is paid some of the victim are not able to retrieve back their files,this is because the Locker Pin malware randomly resets the PIN code so not even the attacker who are behind this campaign are aware of the code.

Like all ransomware, the app displays a warning claiming to come from an official source -- in this case, the FBI, telling victims that information about their location and snapshots of their face have been uploaded to the FBI cybercrime datacenter. The warning says that forbidden pornographic sites have been accessed on the victim's phone.

The victim is given only one option that is to delete all his file and do a factory reset inorder to start using the device again. But all the data’sfrom the device will be deleted from it(device).