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Pottieq(Win32/Pottieq.A infection)


Crypto Ransomware

Short Description

This Ransomware can stop victim from using your PC or

Accessing victim’s data. It might ask victim to pay money to malicious hacker.



Victim may notice the warning message that blocks victim’s access to the computer. If ever Ransom: Win32/Pottieq.A has not fully installed, Microsoft Security Software will keep on showing alerts about several attempts of virus trying to penetrate the computer.


Distribution Method

From Trojan infection, File Downloads, Email.

Ransom:Win32/Pottieq.A hijacks your default homepage and reroutes requested URLs to questionable websites.

Ransom:Win32/Pottieq.A typically displays superfluous advertisements banners and corrupted links.

Ransom:Win32/Pottieq.A blocks active antivirus tools and firewall settings.

Ransom:Win32/Pottieq.A disables task manager, control panel and browser settings.

Ransom:Win32/Pottieq.A updates your installed applications without requesting



More Details

This was a threat for every PC user’s .Once this gets installed it will avoid the victim to access their file and many other genuine applications, there is no guarantee that the files will be decrypted after paying the ransom, Because this will actually corrupt the file which gets tampered completely and can be never retrieved. This will keep on throwing many unwanted pop-ups that might threaten you stating that you have done some unlawful things on the computer, never trust such things , without wasting any time remove the ransomware from the device. These are some of the targeted files by this ransomware,