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Name Reveton
Type Locker ransomware
Short Description This mainly targeted European users, after successfully infecting the victim device it prevents the victim from accessing the desktop and then display a fake message stating that the device was locked due to some illegal contents in the device.
Symptoms Victim will no longer have the control over his device.
Distribution Method Drive-by downloads, compromised webserver.



More Details

Once this ransomware infiltrates the victim’s device the ransomware creates the following files in the device. This ransomware also steals the password from 5crypto currency wallets. This targets around 17module   and according to the location the language is changed

Reveton 1.1

The ransom amount that this ransomware demands is about 200$.

This ransomware uses the stealer modules that includes more than 17 modules like Ftpclients, email clients, message clients.

Once this ransomware locks out the device, it demands the ransom to be paid within 48hours.