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Name Simplocker Android English
Type Crypto Ransomware
Encryption Type Base64
Short Description Simplocker is the first Android based ransomware that encrypts and takes complete control of the device.
Symptoms Once the device is infected with Simplocker, the ransomware posts a message and demands ransom in U.S Dollars. Also it tricks the user into giving away administrative privilege access to the device
Distribution Method

Usually spreads via fake media player/games and tricks victims to provide administrative device access.

Image  Simplocker Android English
More Details

Once the device is infected, the ransomware encrypts files, images, documents etc. in the android device or in the SD Card making them inaccessible by the device owner. Also it encrypts zip file formats and other archive formats such as 7z, RAR files.

It pops up an official note from FBI regarding illegal pornography views and asking the users to pay fine of $300 to be paid via MoneyPak Voucher to release the device access.