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1. CRYPTO Ransomware

Crypto ransomware is as simple as weaponizing strong encryption against victims to deny them access to those files. Once the ransomware infiltrates the victim's device, the malware silently identifies and encrypts valuable files. Only after successfully accessing to target files has been restricted does the ransomware ask the user for a fee to access their files. Without the decryption key held by the attackers, or in some cases, a vendor decryption solution, the user loses access to the encrypted files. Crypto ransomware often includes a time limit. Some variants of crypto ransomware even provide users with a site to purchase Bitcoins and articles explaining the currency.

2. LOCKER Ransomware

This is also known as computer locker. This ransomware doesn't encrypt the files of the victim but instead, it denies the access to the device. This locks the device's user interface and then demands the victim for the ransom. This ransomware will leave the victim with very few capabilities such as allowing the victim just to communicate with the attacker and to pay the ransom.

CRYPTO Ransomwares

Locker Ransomwares