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Name Urausy Police Ransomware(Trojan:Win32/Urausy)
ORIGIN Australia
Type Locky Ransomware
Encryption Type  
Short Description

This threat locks your PC and displays a full-screen message, commonly called a "lock screen".

It pretends to be from the FBI or a national police force and tries to scare you into paying a fine to unlock your PC.

Symptoms You can't access your PC, and instead see an image demanding ransom
Distribution Method Fake updates, Email attachments.
Image  urausy
More Details

This is commonly known as the Police Virus or FBI virus . This was one of the first police ransomware Trojans was released in Australia. This ransomware determines the location of the vcitims too and then based on this region or country, it downloads a variation of other trojan. Once these are all done then it starts its operation by creating false notices supposedly from a police force according to the location of victim.

These are mostly spread through the exploit kits which exploits some vulnerabilities in browser when the victim visits and click on the links he gets infected and thus the injection process is done.

Once entering the Victim device it locks the system and blocks the access to the computer and will exhibit just the ransom note page. It will demand the payment to be done and the payment are processed via money gram money pak and also Bitcoin to process. Until or unless the ransom is paid there are ver minute chances for the victim to get back his file. Rather than calling this as ransomware it can be called as a scam since it fools the victim thorugh fake news. This was one of its kind ransomware.

Many of the different types of police ransomware spreaded through north and south america