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Locker Ransomware

Short Description

This decreases the browser performance and leaks the personal information not only this it also sends the sensitive data’s to the attacker.


Warning message that blocks victim access to the computer.

Distribution Method

spam e-mails are the chief activation source,Peer to Peer file sharing



More Details

This belongs to Raas family, This targets the uninfected PC across the world, This spreads through fake downloads, unwanted file sharing through peer to peer connection, this also gets distributed on several PC through networking.

Once it enters the victims computer it scans for various files with some specific extensions some of them are as given.

Once scanning process is completed it starts to encrypt the files and the files that are encrypted are followed with .locked extension. When the user tries to open the encrypted files a pop-up is shown to them where they get the instruction on how to pay the ransom and what are the steps that are to be followed in order to get back their files. This threat also disable the task manager and gives a huge headache for the victims and also this delete the shadow volume of the victims file.

Some of the worst part of this ransomware are as given below

It changes the  registry settings of windows and modifies system files and folder, not only this it also injects some unwanted codes into toolbar and gives the victim a lot of trouble by throwing out pop-ups and unwanted deals of other site and which might also contain malicious things in it.

The most dangerous part of this is that this creates a gap for other malware to come and attack to take over the control of victim’s device.